Jillian Jensen’s Career After X Factor and American Idol Journey


We know her since she was auditioned on The X Factor USA season 2. She come out as 19 years old girl that get bullying a lot at school, and she sing Demi Lovato’s song “Who You Are”. She got four yes from the judges and made it through to bootcamp. But she was eliminated by Demi Lovato at home visit round after singing “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles. After that, she try to audition American Idol season 13. She performed her original song “in Your Arms” in her final solo performance, then she made it to the Top 30 Finalist. But unfortunately she wasn’t called to performed even though she had prepared to sing “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry. It was heart broken when she got eliminated again twice, but you know Jill still love about what she had done with music and she want to continue and move on.

Now let’s forget about the drama, as you know that she’s dating second runner up American Idol season 13 Alex Preston and they are such a cute couple :3. datingLast month, Jill start realese a new single “In Your Arms” at 7 July 2014. This song tells about girl’s hope when she find the right guy that will love her and live happily ever after. You can buy the song in Itunes, and now check the video first and listen.


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